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On-call Personal Stylist

Affordable styling for hard working moms

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Named one of Washington D.C.’s best personal stylists by the CBS television network, I’m a personal stylist and fashion expert working in the greater Washington, D.C. area. My styling aesthetic is designed for hard working moms who want to look stylish while managing their hectic lives. 


My services range from on-call virtual styling for members, private one-on-one styling sessions and styling concierge services based on client calendars.


My life long obsession with fashion is inspired by traveling and living aboard. I was born in Colombia, South America, and raised in Toronto, Canada. I traveled to style inspiring countries like Spain and Japan and after college, lived in Seoul, South Korea and traveled through Asia. 

Along my travels I was blessed to meet women from all walks of life, from busy executives to mothers launching an at home business. What all these women had in common, was the desire to look and feel stylish while managing calendars and responsibilities. I believe that women should put themselves first, put on that nice outfit and conquer the day in style!

I am an individual first, an entrepreneur, a mom and a wife. I'm a long distance runner, business owner since 2013, mother to a budding fashion designer/ninja warrior princess and a loving little boy, and wife to an Army veteran who proudly served his country.


I wear many hats, but they always go with my outfit.





Call:  (703) 509-7609 


Instagram: @stylebypatty

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