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3D Printed Jewelry

We’ve all heard about 3D printing technology but how many of us have actually seen a finished product out of a 3D printer? Besides Grey’s Anatomy episodes.

Anyways, I was surfing on Twitter as I do during commercials, when I came across WonderLuk LTD from the United Kingdom. What caught my attention was their amazing jewelry line that was edgy, unique and 100% 3D printed jewlery.

It’s awesome to see the integration between fashion and technology. And if technology can print me a super cute ring, I’m on board! When I got in touch with Andre from WonderLuk, we began the design process that took about 4 weeks. It may be a little long for a ring but this ring was going to be special. Not just because it would be made of nylon on the 3D printer but because of the design I wanted.

My daughter’s name is Philippa but her nickname is Pippa, so I wanted a piece to honor my little one.




I had a chance to speak with Michelle Garrett of WonderLuk and ask her what it’s like to make 3D printed jewelry.

When did you start making 3D printed jewelry?

WonderLuk launched in April 2014, so we’ve been selling our jewelry for just over a year now. WonderLuk started with the mission to give women the power to create their own, personalized piece of 3D printed jewelry. Now as well as offering pieces by our own designers, we also run a bespoke service.

Why use 3D printing technology to make your pieces?

WonderLuk was created as an alternative to mainstream, mass produced fashion. We’re all about creating accessories that are totally unique and personal. Made exactly to our customer’s specifications, 3D printing technology is the perfect tool with which to do this. We can print every piece entirely on demand, in the size, colour and material our customer desires.

With 3D printing technology, we can also produce pieces you will never see on the high street. We use shapes and geometries that are impossible to make through any other method.

How long did it take to make my ring in the printer?

Not long, we can print all our jewelry in just a few hours on professional 3D printers. Compared to the length of time required for traditional handicraft methods, the process is amazingly fast.

I really appreciated that I was part of the design process and was sent images of my ring to approve. Do you do this with every piece you make for clients?

Yes! With bespoke designs we want our clients to feel like they’re a part of the process, so the finished piece is something they love and are proud to wear. The WonderLuk experience is about “co-creation”, connecting our customers with the designers who can take their vision and make it a reality. Digital design technology means we can quickly edit our designs, so our customers can come along every step of the way.

Where do you see Wonderluk in 5 years?

We’re hoping to become a go-to online destination for women looking for different, interesting design that is made just for them. We’ll be expanding our customization options over the next few years, using state-of-the-art technology to offer more ways for our customers to make our pieces their own (or have their own bespoke piece made). We’ll also be bringing even more talented designers onto the platform and expanding into other areas like 3D printed homewares and wearable fashion.



As a stylist, I want my clients and readers to rock those unique pieces that set them apart. WonderLuk and I have teamed up to giveaway this 3D printed “Crazy” nylon ring to one lucky winner!

Follow the entry requirements on the rafflecopter widget below and the winner will be announced on May 13th!

*daily entries are accepted, giveaway is open to everyone*

Thank you to the team at WonderLuk LTD for my beautiful ring and good luck everyone!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Giveaway closed!

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