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5 Amazing Vintage Accessories For Summer 2013

Today’s guest blogger is Nick, talking 5 amazing vintage accessories for summer 2013. Nick is part of the Mela Mela Vintage team out of south London (UK) and I wanted him to share his vintage know how with us. Total side bar *another UK guest blogger on stylebypatty? It’s a total sign that I must go to the UK one day and meet all these fabulous bloggers* Ok now back to Nick 😉

5 Amazing Vintage Accessories For Summer 2013

With the scorching summer heat upon us, staying fresh and flawless is a bigger beauty challenge than ever. We’ve put together the top 5 must have beauty accessories to ensure that you maintain your vintage decorum all summer long.

1. Portable Atomiser such as this porcelain Limoges perfume bottle

Staying fragrant through the summer heat is essential for every vintage belle. Adorn your dressing table with more dramatic perfume bottles but be sure to invest in a dinky one for your handbag. Sweet floral designs are perfectly in keeping with the current catwalk fashion trends as well as being unspeakably charming.

2. Vintage Compact such as this floral and gold one by Stratton from Mela Mela Vintage

This beautifully sophisticated compact ticks all the boxes. It’s gold detailing and floral motif mean it’s perfect on trend for Summer 2013 and it’s perfectly preserved vintage finery will compliment your timeless wardrobe. It comes with a small mirror, a covered area for face powder and a lipstick holder. The lipstick holder can be easily dismantled to accommodate any lipstick. In this weather pressed powder is an essential, to keep your face flawlessly matt and combat shine. Summery lip shades are another must, and the dinky mirror is handy for touch ups.

3. Manicure Sets such as this collection from Cutex

If you are staying true to the original vintage spirit then doing your primping and preening in public is a definite no no. However, to look as immaculate as the best 1950’s housewife requires a lot of maintenance. Carry about your manicure set to ensure that you are always prepared. Beautifully filed nails and perfectly soft hands are the ultimate in vintage styling.

4. Dressing Table Set such as this silver Art Deco collection

An elegant collection comprising of a hand mirror, soft bristle brush and comb is the ideal way to accessory your dressing table. Dressing table sets add authenticity and elegance to the boudoir as well as putting you in the vintage mood as soon as you start your day.

5. A vintage comb such as this silver hinged design from Mela Mela Vintage

 As elegant and fabulous as a good dressing table set is, they aren’t the most portable. Seek out something that you can slip in your handbag, such as this pretty little tortoiseshell plastic comb that comes concealed in a hinged silver casing. The swirling floral pattern is so pretty, and the casing will protect the comb and keep it clean. It’s the perfect way to ensure that your victory curls maintain their shape while you’re on the go.

This article on vintage accessories was brought to you by Nick Williams. Nick works at Mela Mela Vintage; a vintage boutique located in Teddington, South West London. Mela Mela stock a huge variety of original vintage 1950s dresses, accessories & vintage hats.

Thanks so much Nick for sharing such fun pieces with us. I know there are a few pieces in there us girls would love to flaunt and say “oh it’s vintage” and feel all sophisticated 😉 or is that just me? lol

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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