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5 Reasons Why You Should Have This Cardigan.

Ok let’s cut to the chase, this kimono cardigan by Lucky Fit Boutique is amazing, 5 reasons why you should have this cardigan and let me tell you about the talented designer behind it.

Why is this kimono cardigan so amazing? If you were my friend Tea this conversation would be telepathic because no words need to be spoken, just look at it! But let me break it down for you:

5 reasons why you should have this cardigan.

1. The design: The kimono style sleeves gives it a nice weightlessness so can wear it on those hot days and not worry about sweating bullets under there. A major plus for the fair skinned, it’s a nice little extra sun protection. The cut of the cardigan can give you as much or little front coverage as you want and the length is great for just about everything in your closet from long or short dresses to skirts, jeans, shorts, Capri pants and even yoga pants on those “I’m just going to the store in my yoga pants but let me through you off with this amazing cardigan”.


2. Color and pattern: It’s the summer season and summer is all about vibrant colors and patterns and this cardigan has both in a great way. It’s a great transitional piece that can be easily paired with solid color garments. The colors and pattern are your focal point, so pairing them with solid colors underneath gives the piece a good canvas to sit on and let’s be real, the cardigan does the talking for you.


3. Texture: The pom poms are a refreshing addition to the traditional cardigan and is very on trend right now. But not to worry, this cardigan is a summer staple that can stay in your closet for a long time.


4. Multipurpose: This cardigan is a great cover up for the beach, the pool, your plastic pool in your backyard and makes you look super chic for those selfies from your plastic pool.


5. Support local business! Lucky Fit Boutique is owned and operated by Natasha Lengua out of Carlsbad CA. All orders are custom made and they have a great price point. Price point is the unofficial 6th reason why you should get this cardigan.

Sunnies by Ritch Bich Boutique, earrings by Dreamy Dwellings Boutique.

I met Natasha through the wonderful world of blogging a few years ago and I have always admired her amazing talent of creating her own garments. Natasha and her bestie Nensi share a blog called Freeurcloset where they post their personal style looks and they blesses us with quick DIY tips and tricks to spruce up your wardrobe.


I’m so happy to promote and support Natasha and hope you do the same by following her on Instagram and by heading over right now to Lucky Fit Boutique and grabbing one of these amazing kimono cardigans. Remember, I just gave you a pretty good list of reasons as to why you should have this cardigan…like right now 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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