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Arm Candy

As a fashion blogger and girly girl, I spend a lot of time checking out the latest trends via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’m always on the look out for unique accessories that will stand out, start a conversation and last a long time in my ever growing jewelry box. So when I came across this chained arm candy by online accessories boutique Pink Sugar XO, you know I had to have it. *Confession* Either I’m developing an addiction to online shopping and subconsciously sharing it with you or I’m really good at finding nice things online and want you to do the same, let’s stick with the latter 😉

This Egyptian hand chain  fits perfectly into my unique accessories collection I’ve been building for quite some time. I love discovering new accessory stores or independent jewelry designers from around the world and rocking their best accessories, like this delicious arm candy!

Discover Pink Sugar XO and follow them on their great Instagram account, Twitter and Facebook!

I can now check this arm candy off my summer wishlist! *Phew*

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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