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Baby Bump Style Week With Peplum + Coffee

Today on baby bump style week we have Stephanie from the refreshing lifestyle blog Peplum + Coffee. Stephanie talks about the undoubtedly uncomfy side of pregnancy and what baby bump style solutions can work for you.

When Patty asked me to be a guest blogger for baby bump style week I was flattered! I really wanted to write a post about what you don’t ever hear about during pregnancy – the third and fourth trimester of pregnancy style. During the third you can’t see your feet and the last thing you probably want to think about is fashion. After the baby, you enter the fourth trimester and finding something to wear that makes you feel beautiful and not sleep deprived can be challenging. I am a mom of two and when I was pregnant with my daughter I didn’t think about pregnancy style. With my son, I wanted to be a fashionable mom.

Here are some staple baby bump style pieces that I lived by during my pregnancy:

  1. Buy a maxi skirt – or two. I absolutely love my maxi skirt. I purchased mine from Gap Factory and was able to wear this from the beginning of my pregnancy right up to my due date. The maxi skirt is a great transitional piece for all seasons and can be worn with flats, ankle booties, casual tees or even a boyfriend cardigan.

  2. Dressy sweat pants – I was really excited for the “dressy” sweat pant look that’s been trending!  I found the perfect pair of dressy sweats at Target for under $15 and bought them a size up for extra belly room. You can dress these up or down with the perfect pair of shoes or sneakers. HELLO COMFORT!

  3. Leggings – Leggings were a go to for me since I wore a lot of leggings with really comfy dresses. I don’t think I purchased any maternity clothing this pregnancy. Being that leggings can be so easy, I paired them with really basic tee shirt dresses, comfy sweaters and accessorized them with over-the-knee boots.

I think owning basic pieces of clothing that can transition from season to season really worked for me. You don’t have to break the bank either. Kohl’s, Target, and Gap Factory were the main places I shopped. I purchased a few belly bands from Target and didn’t have to invest in actual maternity clothing. With the pieces I mentioned you can add your own personal style by accessorizing and still feel stylish with your bump.

Thanks so much Patty for letting me share my baby bump style tips with your readers.

Stephanie Peplum + Coffee

Make sure you keep up with Stephanie’s blog, she’s on a very interesting fitness journey to get back to her pre baby body. Follow the journey on her Instagram as well.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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