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Back to Washington, D.C.

Ok, so the dust has finally settled enough in our crazy lives to let you know what I’ve been up to. I feel like every year or so I start a blog post with, “Sorry I’ve been gone, there has been a lot going on…” I also feel like that rhymes pretty well lolz. And yes, Patty and her adventures are at it again. This time, my family and I have made the decision to move back to Washington, D.C. for good. Yea, I know what some of you are thinking…again?, what tha?, or I can’t keep up with you. To that I say, your welcome.

We packed up our house, hitched an overloaded Uhaul to our car, strapped in our almost two year old daughter for a 3 day road trip at 55 miles per hour across the country, made a decent bed for our dog in the back and hit the road to D.C. (Total side note, as I was on this wonderful 3 day road trip, I was preparing for a women’s empowerment event with the USO you will hear about soon).

After two months of setting up our new but familiar life, I get a text message from the wonderful Rachael at Dreamy Dwellings Boutique that she has named a pair of earrings after me. I was like “whaaaaaa??? Lil old me?” It was such a compliment to have someone think of me and say: “These earrings are bright, vibrant, sparkly and pretty just like Patty, I think I’m gonna call these the Patty earrings”. LOL just kidding, this was all dialogue in my head, none of that actually happened. Srsly though, Rachael is 100% a pure sweetheart and naming these earrings after me was a huge honor, Thank you Rachael!.

So now that I had jewelry named after me, the next obvious step for a fashion stylist/blogger was to find a great place to take photos, find a great photographer and go pose. Luckily, living in this awesome area all those factors came pretty easy. I found a beautiful mural just down the street from my place, the photographer KeeKee Winslow is the little sister of a dear friend of ours, (shout out to Meryl and Dan for the introduction) and dressing up to pose with these earrings was so much fun. I hadn’t done a blog post in a while, so styling and posing for pics was finally a fun thing I could do for myself after relocating.


Photos by Keekee Winslow, earrings by Dreamy Dwellings Boutique, Sunnies by Quay Australia.



These earrings are totally me by the way, I love to wear these colors in multiple ways all year round. They are such a bold statement piece that you can do simple coloring blocking like in my photos or a plain black dress and the earrings do the talking. Of course, the other great thing about them is how budget friendly they are.



I’m such a huge supporter of Dreamy Dwellings Boutique because they offer beautiful statement pieces at great prices. Affordable prices mean you can get a few pairs of earrings for all different types of outfits and events in your life, as seen below.

Top left corner owner of Dreamy Dwellings Boutique, Rachael Orr. Top right corner the Chelsea earrings. Bottom row the Alyse earrings, all by Dreamy Dwellings Boutique.

Top left corner owner of Dreamy Dwellings Boutique, Rachael Orr. Top right corner the Chelsea earrings. Bottom row the Alyse earrings, all by Dreamy Dwellings Boutique.

As happy as I am that we made the decision to move back to Washington D.C., I do miss my Houston friends and the inspiring people that I met there. I have great blog posts coming up with some of Houston’s most talented creatives to close out the Houston chapter in my life. I hope you come back to check those out. Keeping it Confident – Patty

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