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Beating the Case of the Mondays.

It’s Monday and 99.9% of the human population do not fancy Mondays. Beating the case of the Mondays can be twice as brutal after coming off a great weekend filled with warm weather and lots of time outdoors. So what are the worker bees to do to beat the case of the Mondays? My personal philosophy is this, it’s Monday we can’t change it, we gotta work. But what I can have control over is my mood and what I want to project for the rest of the week. Do I want to be dressed in black frumpy clothes on Monday and feel drab until Wednesday? Or start my week off in confidence and style and put on a bright colored skirt, crisp dress shirt and my favorite pumps to kick start that pep in my step? I push myself to always go for the latter because I feel that if I start my week off in color, style and a little flare, the rest of the week will be a piece of cake. So as “on the surface” my suggestion to beating the case of the Mondays may be, it really does go a long way. Your state of mind and how you feel about yourself can bring you to a great place by Friday, or bring rainy days for the rest of the week. Let’s start this week and every week with style 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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