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Clearance Rack Shopping

The summer is officially over. Don’t get all sad on me now because I come baring good news! The good news is that the season for some really good clearance rack shopping is now upon us. I’m a huge fan of the clearance rack and encourage all my readers, clients and friends to head to their favorite stores and check out the clearance racks. You will be surprised by the hidden gems you will find, just hanging there at a fairly handsome discount waiting for you to take them home.

I found this whimsical maxi dress at my local Target clearance rack just quietly whispering “take me home, you know you want to”

So I did.





Bracelet was found on Instagram, necklace by Burdlife, sunglasses by Quay Australia




Yes all the items may be spring/summer pieces but think of how you can rock those pieces into the fall and winter months with layering, sexy leather jackets, jeans and boots. The styling possibilities are endless! (Plus you are already stocking up on your summer wardrobe for next year without breaking the bank. DOUBLE WIN!)

I’ve had many successes with clearance rack shopping and always brag about my finds. I would love to hear about some of your clearance rack shopping success stories. Do you have that one piece you saw and were like “My Preciousssssss”?

Leave your story in the comment section below.

My proud hair flip on my clearance rack finds! lol

My proud hair flip on my clearance rack finds! lol

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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