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Clearance Rack Success!

My proudest clearance rack success piece to date has to be this multi-colored, palm leaf print romper. Discovered among the discarded summer pieces of yore, I found this baby on the clearance rack at Target.

Photos courtesy of Nicole Kestenbaum

Photos courtesy of Nicole Kestenbaum

I’ve never worn a romper or such a bold pattern before. However, when coming across a great piece like this for the wonderful clearance price of $14, you make time to try it on.


With a bold print, solid color shoes and clutch helps balance out the look.


If you’re like me and you live in a place where the temperature is fairly warm deep into the falls months, you can still wear your summer clothes by adding things like a jean jacket to stay warm on the cooler days or evenings.

I wore this romper when we took our daughter to the Universol Circus in August and it was super comfortable. Not to mention I looked pretty awesome in it. Philippa is almost one and she had a blast at the circus. Great music, amazing performers and the most beautiful animals. It was a great night in my great outfit 🙂 Thank you Universol Circus.

Proudly rocking my best clearance rack find with my puggle Bradford.

Proudly rocking my best clearance rack find with my puggle Bradford.

My husband was like “You just bought that today and you’re already wearing it out?” UGHHHHHHHH Yeah! When you come across such a great find, you wear it like a badge of honor!

What’s that one piece you found on the clearance rack that you consider your proudest clearance rack moment?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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