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Cocktails On The Terrace

The weekend is almost here and warmer weather is on the horizon. Therefore, it’s time to bust out those coral, citrus, mint colors and your multiple pairs of pumps you have been collecting since January waiting for the weather to warm up (BAM, I caught you didn’t I? lol, not really I do the same thing ;). But still, we have been eyeing those pumps and dreaming up outfits to go with them, waiting on the chance to take them out on the town for some cocktails on the terrace.

Finally! After much anticipation over these cold months, I was able to put together one of my dreamy outfits and hit the town for a cosmo and view of my current hometown city, Washington DC.

Happy for cocktails

night out cocktails

Full view of outfit


rings and nail polish

nude pumps

On the terrace at night

*Girly sigh* Like a kid in a candy store, so happy to get dolled up and head out on the town! My color block, shift dress and necklace are from Lulu’s while my nude pumps are from Charlotte Russe. Rings from Accessorize and Forever 21, of course! I’m so looking forward to summer and breaking out my highly anticipated wardrobe choices I have been gathering and nurturing since January. I mean, I can only wear these outfits sitting out on a fold out chair, on my balcony, with a bottle of wine from the grocery store for so long before someone thinks it’s *side note my hubby doesn’t think it’s weird, it’s scary that this has become his “normal”*

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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