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Day to Night Outfit

“Show me how to put together an easy day to night outfit” is by far, one of the most popular requests from my clients. Hunnay, you’ve come to the right place. Let Patty show you the ways.

Being that we’re in the middle of summer, there is a bit more flexibility to introduce brighter colors and patterns into your work place wardrobe. Using this amazing skirt as an example, I can show you how to incorporate these factors in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you, still fits into the business casual dress code and looks great at happy hour with co-workers.


This skirt is a Target clearance rack find from two years ago and is a fun transitional piece for a day to night outfit. It’s bright and bold, those factors make it the focal point of your entire look and you don’t have to add too much to it.


You can pair the skirt with a white dress shirt to compliment the darker colors. Pairing the skirt with darker colored tops like a black, navy or in my case a chambray colored shirt, brings out the lighter tones in the skirt.


This piece is adventurous enough that you don’t have to over do accessories. I just added a simple collar necklace from Banana Republic and a fun pair of heels from the Thalia Sodi collection at Macy’s.




The idea is to balance the color and pattern with a solid and add a little touch of glam with a necklace and a high heel. This theory can also be applied to a pattern shirt and a solid color trouser or skirt. You can also do a solid color dress and some really fun patterned heels or flats. What’s great about my little theory of balance is that it’s easy to follow and not to mention the main reason for this post, it helps you achieve a stylish and easy day to night outfit.

I’d love to see you apply my theory and create your own day to night outfit. Make sure to tag me on Insta @stylebypatty, Tweet me @stylebypatty or Facebook @Style By Patty DC.

Have any questions on my balance theory? Let me know in the comment section below.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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