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Fall Stroll

Over the weekend in Virginia it was sunny but pleasantly chilly. Hubby and I wanted to head out and enjoy a beautiful Sunday of brunch and walking along the Potomac River with Bradford. But before any of that was gonna happen, what was I gonna wear? *Gawww*! Even for a beautiful Sunday fall stroll two things come into play “I gotta look cute and I’m gonna freeze to death if I don’t pick the right fall clothing.

Looking around my closet for the right amount of not parka but not super light cardigan, I came across my favorite fall piece, my Sabo Skirt Batwing Cardi!



Fall arm candy.

Fall arm candy.

My fall bootie staple, Minnetonka's!

My fall bootie staple, Minnetonka’s!



In case you were wondering, the weather by the Potomac was perfect for our fall stroll and mini photo sesh 😉

While I enjoy my batwing cardi, what’s your favorite fall piece you feel snug in?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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