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Featured Look: Velvet, knits and neon

Lately I’ve been hearing: “I never knew what you looked like, I only knew you by name and your work.” Which is an amazing compliment because truth be told, I like flying under the radar and let my styling and editorials speak for themselves. But hey, the MASSES want some more Patty, well, let’s give the people what they want lol. I’ve started a new segment on my blog called “Featured Look” and you guessed it, it will feature my day to day looks. First up on Featured Look: velvet, knits and neon.

Outfit details

Outfit details: velvet leggings and knit sweater by Loft, shoes by Charlotte Russe.

Outfit details: velvet leggings and knit sweater by Loft, neon heels by Charlotte Russe.

I came across these beautiful velvet leggings at Loft and my mind immediately started racing on what to pair it with. I wanted something interesting on top, something with texture and color to compliment the velvet. I love knit sweaters but a colorful knit sweater is even better in my book. While perrousing Loft, I found this multi-color sweater and the smidgen of yellow in the knit made me think: “MY NEON HEELS”, an obvious choice for me 🙂

This outfit is a simple look that will brighten your day and also keep you nice and warm. You can switch out the neon heels for some brown or black knee high boots or ankle booties.

Places to where this look: office, happy hour, date night or girl’s night out.

Patty and her daughter Philippa

She has a quota of one good laugh a day and she always exceeds it.

A long time ago I decided that #sorrynotsorry fall/winter season, I’m still gonna wear color. Those cold, dreary months won’t stop me from dreaming of warmer days and colorful clothes. Pairing velvet and a knit is the perfect way to look stylish and keep warm during the colder months. Adding a pop of color, like neon, makes you stand out from the rest. And guess what? That’s not a bad thing!

Hope you all enjoyed my first installment of Featured Look and stay tuned for more!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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