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First Lady Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day Style

Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite fashion icons; Ms. Betty Suarez of Ugly Betty  fame, I’m gonna start blogging to express my fashion voice…even if I only get six readers ;).*fingers crossed*

I start my first post on this very historic day in Washington, D.C and the country, Martin Luther King day and the Inauguration of President Barack Obama! Obviously, what everyone is talking about in the fashion universe is First Lady Michelle Obama and her bold choice of wardrobe for the inauguration ceremony. I must say, I like almost everyone under the sun loovvvve that Thom Browne coat.  A friend of mine (Tea) knows all too well my mission of finding the perfect coat for fall/winter 2012-13. I have been on this search since oh I don’t know… JULY 2012!. Little did I know that I had to look outside the normal confines of women’s outerwear and look to a men’s wear designer to come up with everything I have been looking for in a great coat.

Michelle Obama sporting Thom Browne Dress during swearing in ceremony.

Michelle Obama sporting Thom Browne Dress during swearing in ceremony.

I’m always up for pushing my outerwear choices per season. Whether it be color from black to navy, length from short pea coat to long trench or to the whimsical capes that are gracing the streets of Washington D.C. this season (tip of the hat to my website model and proud cape rocker Ashley), but this Thom Browne coat is definitely going to start a wave of new outer wear for women in the fashion industry. À la the Jason Wu effect circa inauguration ball dress 2009.

The First Lady’s dress is also a Thom Browne creation and contrary to what your naked eye may be seeing on TV or at the parade, it’s actually a more intricate dress than we think. NYMAG.COM was able to get a little insight to the details of the dress as Thom Browne explains: It’s a dress that’s similar in shape to the coat. It is sleeveless, and also a silk-tie jacquard. It’s not navy [like the coat]; actually, it’s a jacquard grey, loden green, pink, blue, and white, with triangles”.

Designer Thom Browne and Michelle Obama

Designer Thom Browne and Michelle Obama

Your next question may be when is this coat going mainstream Thom Browne?, Well, NYMAG.COM asked the same question: “Now that she’s worn it, do you eventually plan to make the look available for consumers?” and unfortunately Thom Browne broke my heart by stating: Well, I designed it specifically for her. So, no.

*Cue shattering noise in my heart*.  I am happy for the Allentown, PA born designer (shout outs to my extended family in Allentown, PA) and the new wave of fans and admirers that are at this very moment, coming Browne’s way.

Now what the fashion world (and lil ol’ me) will be anxiously waiting for is the dress choice that the First Lady will be making her début in this evening at the inaugural ball.  Mrs.Obama had fifteen designers commissioned to make her dress(s) for the evening festivities and among the designers are of course Jason Wu (SWOON) and Tory Burch. None of the designers know which dress will be chosen until Michelle walks out tonight for the ball, so this is like a mini Project Runway competition in the making.


I’m happy to see homegrown designers featured on such a momentous occasion and what this means for the entrepreneurial spirit. Heck, look at me, I’m starting my own thing on this historic day…my site, blogging and something I never thought I would do…Twitter. Man this day is special!

Keepin it Confident 🙂


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