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Guest Blogger Gives Us The Scoop On Borsalino Hats

I recently did an inventory check on my summer wardrobe and I discovered my hat collection is very low. Hmmm what is a girl to do? Oh I know, surf the net for hours looking for beautiful hats that I can see myself in *on the beach in the Bahamas!* On my quest to acquire more hats, my fabulous fashion blogger friend Valeria from Coco et La vie en rose suggested some Borsalino hats and well, I was blown away. I asked Valeria to give us the scoop on Borsalino Hats and help keep my hat day dreaming alive 😉

Borsalino Hats Collection courtesy of Valeria from Coco et La vie en rose

Borsalino has been representing tradition and Made in Italy glamour since 1857, thanks to its excellent quality and its unique and unmistakable style. The uniqueness of the Borsalino product lies in its  long-established production process passed down from generation to generation: made of fine fur felt, it passes through around fifty production phases and it takes an average of seven weeks’ work to finish every hat.

Borsalino hats being made

Borsalino’s hats have been chosen by famous personalities, politicians and celebrities from all over the world for their unique and eternally fashionable style.

classic celebrities

Sarah Jessica Parker in Borsalino hat

Kate Moss in Borsalino

Lady Gaga in Borsalino hat

Now Borsalino has granted exclusive online retail of their SS2013 collection to the web store

Here are some of their candies, anything tempting you?

Borsalino online

Thank you Patty for having me! Your lovely readers are welcome to stop by and share some love at Coco et La vie en rose: it’s always great to meet new friends!


If your still hooked on these hats like I am and want to day dream a little more, head over to Borsalino’s official website here.

Make sure to keep up with Valeria and her stylish fashion blog Coco et la vie en rose and follow her on twitter @CocoLaVieEnRose.

Thanks for the guest blog my fabulous friend 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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