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Happy Birthday Canada!

As some of you know, I’m a Canadian currently living the “American way of life” in the US with my American husband and puggle Bradford. I have traveled the world for many years and even stayed long enough to get a job in some of the places I visited like South Korea and Colombia. Where ever I traveled to, I was always (and still am) very proud to be Canadian. You never really appreciate the blessing and privilege it is to be Canadian until you have left the world’s second largest land mass and looked back at it from another country. Especially on July 1st, where ever you are, whether it be a class room in Seoul, a beach in the Philippines or drinking a sangria in Barcelona, you always remember it’s Canada Day and say Happy Birthday Canada!.

Today’s look is my Happy Birthday Canada outfit as I proudly rock the red and white.

Proud Canadian!

Proud Canadian!

Happy Birthday Canada from Patty & Bradford!

Happy Birthday Canada! Love, Patty & Bradford

*Side bar* I’d like the record to show that Bradford was not harmed nor forced to be in the picture with mommy, he jumped in my lap and basically took over the photo shoot!

Anyways, the necklace and white hat (see how am adding to my hat collection to 2 hats?! ) are from Wet Seal, the diva sunglasses are from a Korean owned store in the mall close to my house called Chocolate, red tank by Old Navy, skirt can’t remember cause it’s been with me forever lol and the lovely beaded sandals are from Seoul, South Korea.

I’m happy and proud to be Canadian and celebrate this day with all of you Canuks out there, home and abroad!

Happy Birthday Canada!

Keeping it Confidently red and white today – Patty

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