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Is It Too Cold to Exercise in DC?

A very happy snow and PROJECT RUNWAY TEAMS Premiere day to all!

Today is Thursday and for some of us (directed Tea and myself) this is a big T.V. night. However, for me Thursdays are also special because my friend (Rock) and I have taken up the habit of jogging every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Melissa Romero wrote a great blog on The Washingtonian webpage yesterday “When Is It Too Cold to Exercise? You may not like the answer” and it got me thinking about a whole lot of things about running. Most of all, the outfits Rock and I wear to run in not so pleasant DC weather.

Take my lovely picture below proudly Popeye posing in front of Lincoln memorial.

Popeye posing in front of the Lincoln Memorial!

Popeye posing in front of the Lincoln Memorial!

This was our first run so hence the celebratory photo posing once we reached our goal destination. My outfit may seem “ok for working out” but if you live in DC, you know that running gear is almost like a status symbol in itself. Tight, name brand thermal gear like, Under Armour, Reebok, Lululemon etc. What do I shamelessly put together? Victoria Secret fleece yoga pants (hey! they’re really warm) and my favorite lucky New York sweater. However, what’s underneath the sweater sends Rock into laughter every time. Sports bra, sweat/slimmer belt, tank top, t-shirt, husband’s Under Armour thermal and then New York sweater. Yes, I wear this almost every time I run in (what I consider) “cold” weather.

Rock and I at the Lincoln Memorial

Rock and I proud at the Lincoln Memorial!

Rock was tougher, stronger and smarter than me and had a good thermal on top and tight jogging pants for maximum comfort. But wait, I was comfortable too, or have I been doing it for so long that I think it’s comfortable? To Rock, my husband and anyone I tell this to, it’s like running in a straight jacket without the straps in the back (maybe straps in the back would keep my back warm? hhmmm).

None the less, after proudly doing what Rock and I call “The Lincoln Run” for almost two months, I broke down over the holidays and bought PROPER running gear as suggested in the Romero article. Good tight Reebox thermal, weather resistant sweater, wind breaker pants and colorful looking, new Under Armour running shoes. Now that the weather has changed into more bitterly cold weather, I happily wear my new running gear. BUT I still wear my sweat belt, tank top and t-shirt underneath my Reebok thermal and sweater before I head out. What can I say…old, comfy (in my mind) habits die hard.

Keepin’ it Confident – 🙂


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