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#liveBangs with Bangs Shoes

When visionary and founder of Bangs Shoes, Hannah Davis reached out to collaborate with them I thought, sure cute shoes! As Hannah and I got to know each other, we quickly realized that our past lives had a deep connection that only we could understand.

Not only did we both major in Political Science, like me, Hannah also lived abroad teaching English in Asia. Living aboard is one of those life experiences that becomes such a big part of who you are, that only people who have had the same experience can understand. As a foreigner living abroad, you view the world from the outside in and see possibilities where others might not. Hannah certainly did see the possibilities and her idea for Bangs Shoes was born from that experience.

You have to head over to Bangs Shoes, check out the collection *BUY A PAIR using promo code STYLEBYPATTY* and watch Hannah’s Ted Talk about the brand, their mission to #liveBangs and her inspirational story.

Bangs Shoes



Bangs Shoes


When it comes to my personal style, I’m not typically a sneakers girl. However, I really liked that these shoes were different from what I’ve seen out there and I’m all about doing it a little different. (According to my family, I did it very different by living aboard)

The slogan for Bangs Shoes is “Because your adventure inspires others to find theirs” and I absolutely love that! I don’t go gaga for brand slogans but I can very much relate to this idea. To travel, be inspired and inspire others is a life experience I wish everyone could enjoy.

After you’ve watched the Ted Talk and learn how your purchase of a pair of Bangs Shoes helps move their mission forward,  buy your pair using promo code: STYLEBYPATTY and tell others to #liveBangs

***A BIG THANK YOU to Wardrobe Houston for providing the dress for this shoot.***

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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