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Love My Figure, Love My Fashion

I was roaming the inter-web recently (that’s what I hear the kids calling it these days lol) and I came across this site that spoke to my curvy girl heart. The website Love My Figure, Love My Fashion created by the genius Laura Faulds, is a UK based fashion site featuring adorable dresses that I would totally wear and brings something very different to the online shopping experience. The models rocking the dresses aren’t your typical online clothing models, the girls are all different shapes and sizes.  It was a fashion “AHA” moment to come across such a great idea for a website; selling beautiful dresses and featuring the every day woman looking her best!


We always fall in love with the online photo shopped dresses we see on mannequins or the same model over and over, but seeing it on a girl that reflects my body type is a huge relief. Love My Figure, Love My Fashion has a list of categories to fit the common body types such as rectangle, pear, apple, hourglass and inverted triangle.

Not sure what category you fall under? The site also offers a body shape calculator that helps you figure out your body type and what dresses will work best for you.

Love My Figure, Love My Fashion is a great site that I hope all you fashionistas check out! Not to mention it’s from the UK and u know how I love me some UK. Oh yea and they will have some adobz dresses to choose from 😉

Have a very happy and hydrated weekend to all!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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