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Making Old Favorites Look New Again.

When working with clients, one of my most used phrases besides, “That’s going to Goodwill” is “Making old favorites look new again”. So my question to you is, if a garment was purchased two years ago and never worn, are you willing to make it new again?

Murals in Crystal City, Alexandria, VA.

Murals in Crystal City, Arlington, VA. (Hold on let me put my purse and phone down for a sec) lolz.

The story behind this blue kimono dress is the same story I’ve heard from my clients many times. I bought this dress two years ago and due to small things like pregnancy and then the post pregnancy body, I couldn’t wear this dress for a long time. With tags still attached, it fell further back in my closet with the rest of the things I used to fit into pre-baby. This story line is all too familiar for a lot of people and sometimes those tagged garments never see the light of day, until they are in fact, at Goodwill.

Two years later, I’m back to my pre-baby bump bod, back to the Washington D.C. area and willing to make my blue kimono dress new again by posing alongside some pretty bad ass murals in the Crystal City area.

Sunnies by Ritch Bich.

Sunnies by Ritch Bich.



Shoes: $21 at Payless. YASSSS Payless!


Style blogger in the making.

Style blogger in the making.

Sometimes the thought of mustering up enough brain power to think up new ideas for one piece of clothing isn’t worth the time and you toss it into the Goodwill pile. In doing that, you just chucked X amount of dollars in that pile too. At one point you thought that item had good use in your closet, so why not give it a chance now? I always encouraging saving money and giving that oldie but a goodie a second chance. However, if size is a a flat out no for you, don’t even look at the size that once was, just say bye bye. I’m not a pusher like Ms. Norbury. (That’s a total Mean Girls reference, please don’t make me explain).


I’d like to pose a challenge by asking you to go into your closet and find that item that hasn’t been worn in years and ask yourself: “Is it an old favorite you want to look new again? Or are you ready to make a trip to Goodwill?

Share your answers with me via Twitter, Insta, Facebook or comment below

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