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Manicure Monday, Nail Designs

Monday is here and you know what that means, it was a crazy weekend of wine drinking, movie watching and nail designs lol. Since my weekends are usually low key as a married woman, it meant it was that time again to paint my nails. I recently received a very highly anticipated “Mykonos beaded bracelet” by accessories boutique Preebrulee and it sparked the inspiration for this manicure Monday.

The difference this weekend was that I was doing my nail designs at a friend’s house and had double the inspiration from this one bracelet.

The bracelet inspired me to do a color blocking design on myself with a touch of gold polish on the tips.

While my friend wanted the ombre effect  with a touch of gold polish brushing through the middle. And yes, I did her nails too 😉

I was so surprised how well both nail designs turned out, that you know it had to turn into a photo session.

I love my Preebrulee bracelet and really happy that I was able to pull so much inspiration for this manicure Monday nail designs!

Can’t wait to get the week started with my fab nails and hope you’re out there doing the same 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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