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Maxi Dress Confessions Re-launched

On June 13th Lorna from had shared her maxi dress confessions with us but for some reason the post mysteriously disappeared. I believe it was those darn gremlins that got caught in the derecho we had in Arlington, Virginia today and wreaked havoc on

I wanted to re-post Lorna’s fabulous maxi dress pictures so she knows that her post was very much appreciated and admired. I always wanted her to be part of Maxi Dress week and gosh darnit, she will be. The gremlins won’t win this one!

Maxi Dress Confessions Re-launched




Jacket: Topshop

Dress: New Look

Sandals: River Island

Bag: Camden Market, London

Rings: H&M

My endless apologies to Lorna for the technical glitch today. I’d get rid of the gremlins but they are too cute when they’re

Follow Lorna and her stylish wardrobe combinations on twitter @Lcscloset and Instagram @lornaruane 

Thanks again Lorna!!! xoxo!

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