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Nautical With A Twist

I wish I could do the traditional nautical look of reds, whites and blues. After all, I do live in the United States now and am married to an all American boy. But alas, the colorful Rainbow Brite 80’s child inside me won’t let that happen. What started off as a “nautical look” on the Potomac River, has turned into to my version of “nautical with a twist.”

Nautical with a twist.

Blue and white nautical bag from south korea.

Hat and necklace close up

Nautical with a twist

Nautical with a twist potomac river

I know there are a few things on your mind right now. A) that bag is pretty nautical – yes, you are correct. At least I added a little blue and white in there, 2) she’s in some boating area, that’s nautical, um yea! location location location and C) Shorts? Yes (Tea) shorts but they are longer shorts for occasions like these. You know my overseas policy on wearing short shorts lol  As in I only wear short shorts when I’m overseas 😉

Since I had a hat post on the blog this week I thought I would put on the 1 of 2 hats I have in my closet right The hat is from Wet Seal, sunglasses Washington DC street vendor, necklace and blue shirt H&M. Shorts New York Company, studded nude flats from Nordstrom Rack, ring from small kiosk vendor and nautical bag from a bagshop in South Korea.

So that’s my colorful version of nautical with a twist. Hope you guys have a dry sunny weekend where ever you are and I’ll see you on Monday!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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