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New Rocksbox Review

Last year I posted my first Rockbox review and left it up in the air if I was going to continue my subscription. I did end up buying one piece but went ahead and canceled the service. However, Rockbox reached out to me again and asked to give them one more chance. I said sure why not and signed back up. I’m glad I did because I’ve seen significant changes since my first review. Here’s my new Rocksbox review.

Urban Gem Necklace

From my first review, had to keep this Urban Gem Gracie Necklace.


The new packaging has the Rockbox R on the back of the package. Now you and your mailbox sharing members know your box of jewels has arrived! The brand has changed their font and color scheme, but the box and the individual wrapping of each item has stayed the same.


The comment card has been updated. You can write in your feedback or rate the items on your online profile and your next box gets shipped out quicker. Another aspect to commenting online is that you get a chance to request pieces you see on your friends or Instagram feed. I will be honest here and say that I have put in a few, what Rocksbox calls “#wishlist requests” and I have yet to get any of the items I’ve been wishing for.


A list of the social media handles is printed in the card, which comes in handy when tagging for your Instagram selfies and other social media posts.


I’ve noticed the pricing has been way more reasonable than last time. I don’t know if they’re sending me more moderately priced items since I talked about price being an issue, or it’s across the board becoming more budget friendly.


Wanna get these pretty jewels in your mailbox? Use promo code: stylebypattyxoxo and get one month free!



As for the fun, photo taking sessions? It’s still the same, I get to rock these pieces any where and any way I like. When I’m ready to return them, I just pack them back up, reseal and drop off at my mail box. Besides getting sparkly things in the mail all the time, the easy and streamlined return process is my second favorite part about this subscription service.

This time around, I kept these Jenny Bird Flagstaff gold earrings since they are easy to dress up or down.


I’m really impressed to see that Rocksbox has made a genuine effort to listen to the reviews and suggestions made by their customers. They are expanding everyday and have made me a firm believer in their service. *Never thought I would say that, but yeah it’s true!* Summer is here and I’m excited to see what else Rockbox is going to send my way. BIG RINGS PLEASE!!!

Wanna give Rockbox a try? Head over to, use promo code: stylebypattyxoxo and get one month free!

Have you tried Rockbox? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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