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Over 1000 Twitter Followers!

If you would have asked me a while ago to write my own fashion blog I would have said “yeah right”. If you would have told me I would be meeting and connecting with some interesting, fashionable, amazing, talented people over Twitter, I would have said “you’ve mistaken me with someone else”. But if you would have told me that I would have over 1000 twitter followers in the short amount of time that I’ve been doing this, I would have said “you’re just plain cray cray”. Look who’s the cray cray one now huh? I can’t believe it! It really is a surreal thing to see that many followers on twitter and to be making connections everyday. I just want to thank you the readers and Twitter followers for your love and support.

A big, special, one of a kind THANK YOU to my husband for being my support and inspiration to do this everyday! Thank you so much my love! To my family and friends back in Canada and all over the world, thank you for believing in me and joining me on my fashionista journey. (Even though most of you have no choice mom, dad, Fabio Jr., Ida, Christine, Ginge, Lazri, Kirsten, Krystyna, Matteo just to name a few.) It’s really nice to know I have your GENUINE love and support 😉

Again, thank you so much Twitter peeps, readers, friends and family! Keep following me and reading along, a lot more exciting and fun things to come!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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