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Post Delivery Outfit

I can’t believe how fast my pregnancy has flown by. As of this blog post I’m only 5.5 weeks away from meeting my precious little lady. In doing so, hubby and I have been preparing for her arrival by attending breast feeding class (such a great thing to be doing on your Saturday morning *side eye*) and taking a maternity ward tour just so we know where we are going on the big day.

One thing that came to mind while on the tour was what to pack in my overnight bag? The next thought was “What am I going to wear as my post delivery outfit?” I mean, like pictures will be taken and baby and I must be camera ready. I’ve spoken to many different mamas who say that after delivery you just want to be in your most comfy sweats and get home asap. Granted, I’m sure I will feel that way but at the same time I’m determined to spruce up the post delivery outfit from sweats and t-shirts to all around “Yes girl you did it! You had a baby and still looking fabulous”.


As soon as I saw this short Santorini dress by Misha Mendicino Designs on their Instagram, I knew this was the dress I wanted to slip into as we pack up and head home with our princess.


Hat and wedge sandals from Grace Anna’s Boutique in Rice Village, Houston

In my mind I see myself sashaying out of the hospital holding my baby girl while dressed to the nines.




However, what will most likely happen will be the following, I’ll slip on the dress, rock a messy bun, trade in the hat, glasses and wedges for my Steve Madden sandals and still feel like a million bucks as I leave the hospital with the best thing that could ever happen to me, my baby girl.


Let’s not get it twisted, this stylist is always looking to spruce up any outfit, so you will have to check out my Instagram around Sept 15th to see what I end up wearing 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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