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Printed Leggings

On this installment of “Love for the UK” week we have UK fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger Sammy, talk to us about her new favorite pair of printed leggings. I must admit, they are super cute and would definitively be a fashion first for me, if I ever mustered up enough courage to get a pair like that lol. Since I’ve featured bloggers from the big city, I thought it would be nice to see a fashion blogger’s perspective from the English country side. Sammy was the perfect fit as she lives in a small village on the outskirts of Cambridge and the picturesque background lets me know it’s definitely a place I should visit on our UK tour my husband and I plan to take one day. I introduce to you, Sammy from the blog My Lady Boudoir.

Printed Leggings

I’ve loved printed leggings since I found Juliett Kuczynska’s blog Maffashion and read about Black Milk Clothing. I immediately fell in love with these the Aurora Skye Leggings.

Black Milk Clothing Aurora Leggings

As much as I love Black Milk Clothing, I can’t afford a pair of their leggings unless I save! I can’t deny their worth every penny!

I finally bought my first pair of printed leggings from Romwe and decided on the Palm tree leggings. I love going abroad on holiday to sunny destinations, so I thought these leggings would be a perfect way to be reminded of that.  The leggings from Romwe are a bargain at $17.99/£12.08. I get quite a few items from Romwe and I’m always really pleased. I have 3 pairs of printed leggings & love them all!!

Check out my Romwe Palm tree leggings!

Leggings-Romwe, Grey top-Romwe, White Jumper-Fashion Union*

Leggings-Romwe, Grey top-Romwe, White Jumper-Fashion Union*

Palm tree leggings

Palm tree leggings

English country side

I really like the way Sammy took the idea from the “very expensive” Black Milk Clothing Aurora leggings and put her own style on it. Goes to show you can look like a million bucks or “quid” in this case(UK week) without breaking the bank!

If you want to see more of Sammy’s favorites check out her blog My Lady Boudoir, LIKE her on facebook at and follow her on twitter at @sammycx

Thank you so much Sammy for sharing this with us! Loving Love for the UK week!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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