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Printed Skinny Jeans.

You may remember a couple of months ago when I wrote a post about fitting back into my skinny jeans. It was a huge moment to admit that to the world and to talk about my weight struggles. The post received a lot of positive feedback and also encouraged me to keep going with my fitness goals. I’m still working at it on the running trail and yoga mat but I’m enjoying the journey. Part of my journey is also about pushing my personal style boundaries or as I like to call it “clothing comfort zone” and trying on things that I’ve never even considered before like, printed skinny jeans.

I always thought printed skinny jeans would work best on a tall, thin girl that could “pull it off” but as I continue to exercise and start to feel more confident, I decided to take that fashion plunge into print. It was kinda scary and could have totally crushed my self esteem but I went for it anyways in front of the big mirror and horrible lighting in the Forever21 fitting room.  TOTAL Side bar * why is it when you’re trying on bras or jeans stores are really good at picking the WORST lighting and WORST mirrors ever?!? lol*


I saw these printed skinny jeans on the Forever21 website and thought they were super cute. Flash forward to me standing in the fitting room holding them in my hand and getting ready to slip them on was going to be a “now or never moment”. On they went and whoa, was I surprised. They weren’t bad at all! They fit great, didn’t move like an optical illusion on my thighs or butt and added variety to my “all dress” summer wardrobe.




Another “AHA” fitness/fashion moment of A) slipping into a smaller size you have worked hard to get into and 2) in a printed skinny jean is kinda something to celebrate by twerking a lil in the fitting room!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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