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RocksBox Review

I’ve been a huge skeptic of these membership only gift box programs like BirchBox and Shoe Mint. I’ve heard from numerous friends and clients that when they sign up for these member only services, they hardly ever get anything they want in their monthly gift box. Consequently, I end up as the recipient of freebie samples thanks to this common problem but at the same time, wouldn’t be signing up for any of these programs myself.

However, RocksBox (a personal jewelry stylist program) came along and said, “Hey Patty, why don’t you give us a RocksBox review and tell us what you think.” Granted asking me what I think can be dangerous lol but I said what the heck let’s give it a try.

From the beginning I expressed my skepticism for the concept and told them I would be giving an honest review of their products, so here we go.

Sign Up


When you sign up for the program one of the first things RocksBox does is ask you to fill out a survey that will help them personalize the box for you. It’s easy and streamlined and you can click on as many options you think represent your style. Once you are all signed up, you will receive a series of emails letting you know when your first box will be shipped.





Love it! Very good presentation and all pieces arrive individually wrapped. Clear receipt of what you just received, with a rating system and room for comments. My most favorite part, the easy to return prepaid postage envelope and preprinted label. Half the battle with any return is repackaging and RocksBox has made it oh so simple! ONE POINT FOR YOU ROCKSBOX!




The membership is $19 per month and is charged to your credit card. The receipt that comes with your box will tell you the name, brand and price of each piece and it’s up to you what you want to keep or return. Anything you keep will be charged to your credit card. AHA THE CATCH! In my opinion, as a customer and personal stylist always looking for a good deal, I thought some pieces were over priced and not my style. However, sometimes you come across THAT piece that you must own.

Have fun





RocksBox just doesn’t want you to look at the piece, say yes or no and pack it back up for return, they want you to enjoy what they picked out for you. This part is fun for me since RocksBox has a #selfie contest they run on Instagram every month and want to see their members rock their new pieces. I think this is great marketing and pretty sneaky cause what if you look really good in your selfie with that necklace? You might think twice about returning the piece and add it to your jewelry box. YOU’RE SHARP ROCKSBOX, TWO POINTS!

The Results

The concept of the program is great as it gives their members that feeling of exclusivity every month. I mean, who doesn’t love getting fun mail and do a little jewelry browsing from the comfort of their home? However, for most of us who are on a budget and not looking for jewelry every single month, I think that while the service is at a good price, the cost of buying individual pieces that range from $30 to over $100 can be too pricey.

I’m still keeping an open mind to my RocksBox membership and will continue to enter the selfie contests. It will be interesting to see how many pieces I do end up keeping while being very conscious about my budget.

Do you have a membership with RocksBox or any of these member only programs? How are you enjoying the personalized box experience?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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