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Staple Colors for Fall

The moment fall season hits, my color choices in wardrobe take a turn from brights to deeper tones like charcoal grey, black, violet, forest green, darker teal and magenta. I consider these to be my staple colors for the fall/winter months.

When styling clients for fall, they typically tell me they just go black for the colder months. That’s totally understandable since it gets dark so early now it kinda makes you feel gloomy and wanting to stay inside. HOWEVER, I can not and will not ever let my clients or myself just live in black, I refuse. So I’ve learned to incorporate darker shades of my favorite summer colors into my fall/winter wardrobe and wanted to share with you just how easy it is.


Checkered black, white and grey sweater from Chloe Dao paired with charcoal grey skinny jeans. Magenta and red jeweled clutch from The Cottage Shop and violet lip stick.





What are your staple colors for fall?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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