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Stop, Collaborate and Listen

A big factor that contributes to my happiness as a creative is having the opportunity to stop, collaborate and listen to other creatives who are just as passionate about their art as I am. Finding creatives you can exchange ideas with and make an even better creation together, is truly a gift.

Friend and fashion muse, Kym Laird had a shoot coming up with Marcus Carter of Optical Expression and asked me for some styling advice. The concept was a “Street Style” vibe and Kym would be wearing clothes from her closet. Kym may give the public persona of loving the color black a little too much, but she had some colorful gems in her closet. *See blue suede boots and red bomber jacket*. I always like being on set when I’m involved with styling, so I invited myself to the shoot LOL. I also inserted one of my own looks into the shoot that I’ve been dying to get Kym into. (I think you can figure out which one is mine). With all looks laid out on Kym’s bed, we were ready to work with Marcus.

Cut to day of, Marcus was so easy going, a pleasure to work with and captured the essence of the entire shoot perfectly! He was a ray of sunshine on a cold, gloomy day and Kym and I had a blast working together, as always! I’ll stop talking and let you see the final product of three creatives getting together and making magic happen!

Styling: Patty Chism Model: Kym Laird Photographer: Marcus Carter

Styling: Patty Chism Model: Kym Laird Photographer: Marcus Carter

Model in jean jacket
Model in urban wear with sunglasses and chain.
Spooky City Styled by Patty Chism
Spooky City styled by Patty Chism at Union Market
i love mom model in blue suede shoes
Tracee Ellis Ross dress for JC Penney Style By Patty Patty CHism

Thank you so much to Kym for including me on this project and to Marcus for being so talented behind the camera! What you see in this editorial is what it truly means to stop, collaborate and listen! Stay tuned as we have another amazing shoot coming up real soon!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this shoot, leave your comments below.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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