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Style Boundary Breaker

This blog has been a great platform for me to try new things and push my personal style boundaries. I celebrated my 31st birthday by courageously wearing pink pants, did my own ombre hair coloring experiment and talked about my struggles with weight and getting back into my favorite pair of skinny jeans. One of my next style boundary breakers was getting myself some plaid.

I’ve never really been drawn to plaid except for in the 90’s and well, we all remember or don’t want to remember what that was like lol. Since the Twitterverse and many fashion bloggers are loving some plaid this fall season, I decided to take a chance with this plaid shirt I got from Wet Seal.






I know this may seem strange that as a fashion blogger I was hesitant to wear something so simple as plaid. But like I said, this blog has really pushed me to try new things and break all kinds of personal style boundaries I put up for myself over the years. I’m excited to see what else I’m gonna end up pushing myself into this year. (Expect for rocking a birthday suit and wrecking ball, that’s just  a no no :))

What personal style boundaries are you breaking?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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