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Style By Patty Update

It’s a very past, longggg overdue Style By Patty update about where I’ve been the last couple of months. It’s been a whirl wind to say the least and to give you all the gritty details would turn this post into a book for your Kindle lol.

The biggest news is that I have relocated from Washington D.C. to Houston, Texas. Yup that’s right, this eternal east coast girl is now rocking cow boy boots and a Stetson (no I’m not) as we await the arrival of our baby girl on Sept 13th. What brought on the move? Well, Hubby and I wanted to spread our wings (and budget) and put down roots and buy a house. So the following pictorial basically shows how it all went down in the span of a few weeks.

First up, it’s time to move and go buy a house. Ok, start packing!

 Someone clearly wasn’t a fan of all the packing.


Remember my post about a good closet cleanse? Boy did I ever cleanse my closet, 6 bags for donations!


The hardest part about leaving such a great place like D.C. was saying good bye to all of our amazing friends. Flowers, balloons, one last ball game and an epic farewell party at Korean BBQ. Never good bye but more like we’ll see you later.




Time to hit the road, family selfie!


6 states and many bridges crossed to get to our new life.


We stopped here a lot #Wafflehouse


Bradford and I selfie’d a lot


Hubby didn’t want to selfie with me.


Bradford took the wheel for a while.


Got to Houston on May 24th, wandered into a sales office on May 25th and POOF put down on our new home!


In the same week, what’s that I heard on the radio?! BACKSTREET BOYS concert here in Houston? UM must be a sign that we made the right choice to come to Houston and it’s time to sing my heart out.



Settling into life in Texas hasn’t been easy, especially now being 7.5 months pregnant but the baby bump style keeps on going! Found this great dress (NON MATERNITY *high five for that*) at my new favorite boutique in the Rice Village area of Houston called Grace Anna’s Boutique.


Baby bump style week 32! Still rocking my (in normal size) black maxi, go to gladiator sandals for the summer and my new Aztec print shawl I won from the Shawl Dawls giveaway hosted by Free Ur Closet.


It’s been a crazy couple of months moving across the country, buying a house like a grown up, growing belly and all while looking fabulous and chic hahaha I kill me.

Still waiting on internet to be installed at home but will be blogging as best I can and getting to know my new clientele in Houston.

To all of my style clients living in the DMV area, I miss you dearly and look forward to our virtual styling consultations.

If you’re in the Houston area and are looking for a new stylist, let’s chat!

Hope you guys liked my Style By Patty pictorial update and I promise to not let so much time go by between us 🙂

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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