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Style In All Shapes and Sizes

“I want to be a personal stylist”, I have been saying this for a long time and I’m doing everything in my power to get myself out there. I talk to friends, neighbors and  co-workers about the many ways I can take them to Target, Loft, H&M and come out looking like a million bucks. Like most people, I have friends and family in all shapes and sizes and my naive self looks past that to see potential style in everyone. I was talking to my unofficial “sister in law (KH)” (because her BF and my hubby are eternal Army buddies, therefore we are together for better or worse) lol and she opened my eyes to my styling naive’ness *just made up a word there, BAM!” lol 

Stylish tall girl

She’s a tall, leggy blonde with the best sense of humor and great style! She has a classic look that’s a great mix of J.Crew/Banana Republic with a little Francesca’s/Anthropologie chich’ness. When I was telling KH about my desire to style people she said “well what would you recommend for me?” Great question and right away I went into a million places and a million looks I see for her, being that tall girls get to show off the those gams whenever possible. However, she stopped me dead in my tracks when she said “I love all those stores but too bad I’m to tall for them” Whomp whomp. I was crushed, what do you mean you are too tall? Like that’s a bad

thing? Let’s talk about the short shorts and mini skirts I would permanently be in if I was tall. But alas, she was right. I never thought about that before since I’m 5’4 and my biggest problem has been shifting between a L and a M in sizes. What about the tall girl? She needs love too!

KH opened my eyes to the “tall girl dilemma”. She taught me a lesson in broadening my personal styling horizon to prepare and anticipate the needs of the tall sexy women in this world and that most definitively, style comes in all shapes and sizes!

My stylish friend Kirsten

XOXO KH for being my muse and model for this post!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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