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Stylist Review on Personal & Co Leggings.

Aside from being a fashion stylist and blogger, you guys are well aware I’m also wife and mother. The fun pictures on my social media feeds are just a small glimpse into my life. On any given day, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am to 11am, you will find me outside pushing a stroller and pulling a dog beside me as I jog through my quiet neighborhood. (My Snapchats are full of those @pattydukez8). I love the routine cause it gets me and my running group outside for some fresh air before nap time. *See picture of running group below* 🙂

Running group.

Running group.

I probably live in yoga pants, light pullovers and sports bras more than I do in pretty dresses and sparkly things. I make an effort to get a new pair of running shoes every year since I do put a lot of miles on them and invest in the right yoga pants. My criteria when looking for yoga pants are as follows; a bit loose is better, not to many horizontal lines, ok maybe have fun with a cute pattern or bold color. Then I was introduced to these leggings by a friend in my place of birth of Medellin, Colombia and was like “Where have you been my whole life?” So you know Patty had to give you a stylist review on these Personal & Co Leggings.


Yes, this is a sponsored post and no, I wouldn’t put my name behind it or share my new discovery with you if I didn’t think the brand was legit. Guys, their legit! I’m in total love with these leggings and loved them so much I grabbed three more pairs for my fabulous bloggers friends here in Houston. I was hesitant to get them from Colombia because we all know that getting things from overseas brands can be hit or miss due to sizing being different in different countries. Since I would be testing out these leggings, I went the safe route and ordered them one size bigger just so I wouldn’t be heart broken when the leggings cuts off circulation to my thick things lol. I’m happy to report that in this case, I should’ve gone Medium. “WHAAAAAAA???”.  said my thighs and hips :). So if you’re a large like me, a medium is a safe bet. My fashion squad who I love dearly for their diverse shapes and sizes…you know REAL WOMEN, all reported that they could’ve gone a size smaller. So that’s great news for leggings you can only purchase online.




One thing I should highlight is that you have to hand wash only. I know that sounds like a pain since just chucking things into a washer and dryer is the way easier option. I see it as a way to preserve the color and quality of the fabric. I love the pattern and colors and extremely happy with how the fabric feels on my skin and is super breathable. Sometimes we buy yoga pants and are like ughhhh I can’t breathe! jk only me? ok.

Working out is never fun, pushing a stroller and walking an alpha dog who thinks he’s taking YOU for a walk is the opposite of fun, so this super chic, fabulous, stylist, mommy is gonna have fun with her work out clothes and rock the running trail in some fun leggings.

Hope everyone heads over to the Personal & Co website and grabs a pair of leggings. If you have any questions regarding the leggings, comment below or hit me up on my Instagram or Twitter @stylebypatty.

Take it from me, they are a great buy for your arsenal of work out clothes!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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