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Summer Sandals

The summer is almost around the corner and you know what that means? It’s time to start looking for summer sandals.

I can admit it, every year I get a pair of sandals that end up being my go to shoe for the entire summer and wear them out to the point of no return lol. It’s great to have your go to sandals in your wardrobe but what’s even better is having a durable, well made, pair of sandals that last many summers.

Jewelry Shoes Pasha has a wonderful collection of bejeweled, hand crafted, summer sandals to take you from summer to summer or in my dreams; vacation to vacation. It’s like Pasha knew I was on the hunt for summer sandals and sent me two beautiful pairs of luxury sandals to try on.


You know I never put my name behind anything I don’t agree with or that my clients won’t like, so take my word for it, these sandals are exactly what you are looking for.

The Pasha Bouvet Clear Gold sandals are flat and make the old boring sandal look glamorous. It’s my favorite because it’s flat, I can dress it up or down and it is easy to slip on. I know what you’re thinking, “How’s the size, the fit at the top of the foot and does it irritate you between your toes. For size, I’m a 9 (I used to be an 8 but pregnancy changed allllll of that for me). I did have to order a size up in order to have a comfortable fit at the top and balls of my feet. Ana at Pasha was very honest with me about size and I appreciated that more than anything. I was extremely surprised to not have a single uncomfortable moment in these sandals, especially in-between my toes.



The Pasha Lembata is a wedge sandal that’s great for those who want some height, elongate the legs but don’t want to feel exhausted walking around in a high shoe all day. I did receive these sandals in a size 10 but it was snug for me. I have a wide foot so I can’t blame the maker for that. They were still comfortable to walk in and they’re the epitome of slip on and go.


Do you see anyone in the background? lol

Do you see anyone in the background? lol

As for price, they are a bit on the higher end of price points I typically recommend for shoes, but when you see these sandals up close and feel the craftsmanship behind each piece, it’s worth every penny.

Pasha Bouvet Clear Gold $139

Pasha Lembata $149

Remember, we are trying to maximize the life span of our new summer sandals so price and make are key components to making that possible. Thank you Jewelry Shoes Pasha for sending me such beautiful pairs of summer sandals!

Keeping it Confident – Patty Chism

This was a sponsored post, shoes provided by Jewelry Shoes Pasha.

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