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Summer WishList

Here we are entering the lovely days of summer and if you’re like me, you stocked up on your summer apparel way back in February. You feel pretty confident with your summer wardrobe and look forward to wearing them all summer long. But what about those advertisements? You know what I’m talking about, from your favorite stores emailing you to check out their latest summer collections? Those Instagram pictures of things you would love to “add” to your already stocked summer wardrobe. Well to my budget and husband’s dismay, I receive a lot of those emails and spend *maybe a long time* on Instagram stalking things I must have (I’m man enough to admit that lol). Hey, at least I respect my budget and husband enough to not “sneak buy” evvverything on my summer wishlist ;).

The following items are MUST HAVES on my ever growing summer wishlist!

summer wish list

First off, these are some great brands that I have discovered via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and totally encourage you to check’em all out!

saboskirt clothing

On the top of my summer wish list are items from the brand SaboSkirt. I cannot wait to wear the Zig Zag Blazer for a night out with the hubby. The black Batwing Cardi has been on my ideal cardi wish list for quite some time. The White Latter Back top  can be a risk since I have never worn anything like that before but I am soooo willing to take the chance and the Mexican Envelope Clutch is kinda major!


A new, heavy duty jewelry box should be on my summer wishlist since I plan on acquiring allllll of these lovely pieces!

The top row of girl candy is from the online accessories boutique PinkSugarxo. I recently ordered the Gold Egyptian Hand Chain that’s kind of a big deal and am really excited to wear. The thing I love about PinkSugarxo is that they offer “Glam Sets” of bracelets that each have a special touch. I’m noticing the “Evil Eye” trend is coming around and I would love to partake in the wearing of the Evil Eye bracelet.

The second row of accessories are from Pree Brulee and are currently awaiting my purchases of all these items.


I’ve always aimed to get a nice flowy peasant top and never fully get what I want but this top from ZOA in NYC is hitting the mark for me. The black and white dresses are from a made in the USA brand called Laundrea. They currently have two of my ideal staple dresses the black high squared neckline dress and the white high collared dress that I’m dying to get my hands on. And of course, no summer wishlist would be complete without the ever lovely maxi dress 😉 This floral maxi dress from WILL be mine! Oh! it will be!


Who doesn’t need new summer shoes? I mean, you wear them to the beach and stuff and they get dirty. Meaning it’s time for new ones! Of course you could clean your old shoes but this isn’t the place for your logic lol. The black sandals, emerald green flats and gold and nude heels are from Lulus is so kind to email me at least 3 times a day to remind me to stalk their website. The multi-colored sandal is from this website I discovered through Instagram called I think after my husband reads my wishlist he’s gonna ban me from JK

Now that I have shared my summer wishlist with you, I’m curious to see what yours looks like.

Post your must have items to my Facebook page, Tweet them to me @stylebypatty or tag me on Instagram @stylebypatty

Hope you guys liked my summer wishlist and also make sure to check out the brands I’ve mentioned. They have great stuff at budget friendly prices for all types of fashionistas!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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