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Taking Business Casual Up a Notch

Taking business casual up a notch is one of the biggest request from my clients. I think revitalizing the work wardrobe is something everyone should do from time to time. New looks not only help break up the daily routine, I believe it can boost your self-confidence and give you a new perspective on yourself.

A staple item for women in the work place is typically the black dress. Depending on the dress code at your place of employment, sleeveless dresses and tops may be a no no, so finding a blazer that compliments your dresses can be a challenge in itself. Other times we try to break up the monotony of the simple dress by going for garments with a unique design, embellishments or textures.

Within the last five years, the peplum design has made a modern comeback to tops, dresses and pencil skirts. I think it’s great to see a design make a comeback that every size and shape can wear.


Who’s that? My little boy Bradford.

Another TEN styling homerun. Can we talk about the length on this peplum and how refreshing it is to see a different interpretation of this cut? I felt great in this dress and the lines complimented my figure.


Business casual 3

I want to talk about this outfit in parts to show you how I took two business casual staple items and paired them together for a modern look.

The blazer was something I had been online stalking for weeks from White House Black Market. Cream color with a unique cut in the front, made it different from your typical blazers. *Total side note, the blazer was originally $150 and I walked into WHBM just to “try it on” and it was magically on sale for $60. I take wins where I can get them*

business casual 2 pieces

The dress was an item that was pulled specifically for me by Kesha at TEN. Kesha knew what would work with my body type and she knew I’d love taking a chance with this dress. The design is bold enough that it’s a welcome change to the traditional black dress and peplum skirt, without breaking the office dress code.


Never fear about layering two items that may have nontraditional lines. The fun part about fashion is taking chances and trying things on. You never know what looks good unless you try it on.

We spend a significant portion of our lives at work and in business attire, so why not take your business casual look up a notch?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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