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The Leather Anniversary



Turns out each anniversary has its’ own appropriate gifts you should give each other to celebrate your wedded bliss. First year is paper, second cotton and third you guessed it, the leather anniversary.

While thinking of “leather” things to get my hubby (and yea you can think of FUN things too lol) I came across a few ideas I wanted to share with you. Especially you newly weds looking to change things up with fresh new gift ideas.



Leather band watches. These Tommy Hilfiger leather band watches from Nordstrom can be a great way to extend the bond from the wedding bands to the leather bands! *cheesyyy* I know, but aren’t we all? lol


Who said leather bags were just for women? If your spouse travels a lot and lugs around a laptop or itablet lol this is a great gift idea. Bags from Danier


For those looking to stay within a reasonable budget, these Danier leather wallets are always a great gift for updating your money holder 😉

Now on to what Patty wants :


What hubby wants:


The Vreta leather chair from Ikea.  Hmm how could I possibly hide that? lol

I did go on the hunt for his anniversary gift and got something I know he’s gonna love. You’ll have to wait for my post anniversary blog to see what it was and his reaction 😉

Special thanks to @Judylee, @Jon_Fab and @ToTheNines_29 my twitter peeps who gave me the inspiration to write this post.

Oh and my hubby for thinking outside the box when it came to anniversary gifts. My turn to do the genuine thinking 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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