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The Unsuspecting Outfit.

Did you ever wake up one day, put an outfit together half asleep and say to yourself “It’s not a runway look but it’ll do” get to work/school/meet up with friends and everyone showers you in compliments? I like to call those wardrobe choices “The unsuspecting outfit”.


I recently had that experience when I put together this outfit. Half asleep and half in the dark, I pulled this black White House, Black Market jacket, Forever 21 jeans, Nodstrom Rack flats and my chevron print tank from Papaya Clothing (which I wore all summer long, great summer to fall transitional piece) and went about my day. Along my travels people I knew and even people I hardly ever spoke to complimented me on my unsuspecting outfit. I had a few Who me?!?” looks on my face cause I didn’t think the outfit as ALL THAT but apparently it was.



Oh this ol' thing?!

Oh this ol’ thing?!

It’s always nice when you put together that unsuspecting outfit that brings you compliments all day long. Kinda like getting flowers when you weren’t expecting them or a surprise shopping

What’s your best unsuspecting outfit?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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