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Vintage Shopping For a Good Cause.

Now that the dust has settled and we’re more acquainted with Houston, I’ve gotten to know the lay of the land for shopping and I’m in love! An amazing store I’ve been introduced to is a thrift store called The Cottage Shop. Not only is it an incredible place where you are very likely to score great thrift finds, it’s vintage shopping for a good cause.

The Cottage Shop is owned by The Women’s Home which helps women who find themselves in difficult situations like substance abuse or becoming homeless to rebuild their lives. When I was told about this non for profit group, all I wanted to do was contribute to the success of this organization any way I could. Of course, shopping is a huge contribution that I’m willing to oblige but I’ve also volunteered there a few times unpacking, sorting and pricing merchandise for the store.

While volunteering one day, my eyes caught a glimpse of this vintage bomber jacket just hanging there begging for me to try it on. So obviously when I tried it on it was a perfect fit and I’d be leaving with a black, L’Avion, vintage bomber jacket that day.




The funny part was when it came down to the price that I didn’t see anywhere on the jacket. I asked the manager of the store how much for the jacket and he took one look at it and said: “This is vintage so…” My heart stopped since I was thinking he’s about to say $50-60 bucks. He takes another look and goes: “Mmm $10, plus your volunteering discount so $8!” I meannnnnnnnnnn!

Yes I wanted to write a blog post showing off my chic, vintage, bomber jacket but most importantly I wanted to encourage everyone to check out local thrift stores in your area and find out if they’re affiliated with any non for profit organizations you can show your support to. Of course good thrift store finds make us feel like we found the Holy Grail, but vintage shopping for a good cause is an even better feeling!

Check out my other amazing finds from The Cottage Shop here and here.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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