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Weather Wardrobe Confusion, the 40/60 Dilemma

Yay for a snow day in the DMV! Wind is whipping around, wet snow and sleet everywhere but what is crazy to me is that on Tuesday, I was walking around in heels, light pants, light top and a leather jacket and it felt like a cool spring day. For the first time in a long time I felt like I was wearing the appropriate clothes for the weather of the day.

The sun is shinning, I'm feeling confident that this outfit will keep me warm. Until I actually walk

Hat, sweater, jeans, knee high riding boots

So what is a girl to do? Keep my summer wardrobe out all year long and pick from there when the sun is shining and hope the temperature reflects the beauty of the blue sky and bright sun? Or stick to traditional fashion rules of: fall/winter clothes stay out and spring/summer clothes remain in the back of the closet till April/ May? Even when it’s feeling ok outside for some cropped leggings and flats?

What is a girl to do in this weather confusion? Besides go buy new pairs of flats and boots since my other pairs have been on heavy rotation between the 40-60 weather? Yea, I think I can deal with that temporary solution 😉

Keeping it confident – Patty

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