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What I learned On My Birthday.


Second lesson was more personal style based; wearing pink pants as an adult lol. I Remember wearing pink pants as a little kid but as an adult was a different ball game. Part of breaking my own clothing comfort zone at 31 is getting into things I NEVER thought I could wear. Wearing pink pants on my birthday check!, then turning around and posing in them for a photo shoot?! Never would have put those two together. And yet here we are.


A more mature lesson was temperament based. It was raining on my birthday and in my younger days it would’ve been “THE END” *My birthday is officially ruined a la Regina George style *gawwhhhh* but I had my amazing husband with me, doing something fabulous, spoiled with a birthday shopping spree and looking forward to dinner at one of my fav restaurants in DC Chef Geoff’s. The rain wasn’t an issue for me at all *wow such maturity* lol.

Birthday shopping spree outfit from Zara!

Birthday shopping spree outfit from Zara!



I quote my dear friend Ida when she said “31 is the new 21” Amen to that sistah!

Dance like no one is watching ;)

Dance like no one is watching 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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