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What I learned On My Birthday.

My 31st birthday was last Saturday and I wanted to share with you what I learned on my birthday. I was asked to participate in a Fashion Facebook contest here in DC (Click here to vote for me and “LIKE” my photo) and be in a street style photo shoot for the contest. I never in a million years would’ve thought I would be part of a photo shoot on my actual birthday, let alone asked to participate in style contest. First lesson learned was literally *and I’m not quoting Justin Bieber* never say never!

Second lesson was more personal style based; wearing pink pants as an adult lol. I Remember wearing pink pants as a little kid but as an adult was a different ball game. Part of breaking my own clothing comfort zone at 31 is getting into things I NEVER thought I could wear. Wearing pink pants on my birthday check!, then turning around and posing in them for a photo shoot?! Never would have put those two together. And yet here we are.


A more mature lesson was temperament based. It was raining on my birthday and in my younger days it would’ve been “THE END” *My birthday is officially ruined a la Regina George style *gawwhhhh* but I had my amazing husband with me, doing something fabulous, spoiled with a birthday shopping spree and looking forward to dinner at one of my fav restaurants in DC Chef Geoff’s. The rain wasn’t an issue for me at all *wow such maturity* lol.

Birthday shopping spree outfit from Zara!

Birthday shopping spree outfit from Zara!


Even though these lessons may be small observations to some, for me it was huge. I’m actually growing up and I’m loving it!

I quote my dear friend Ida when she said “31 is the new 21” Amen to that sistah!

Dance like no one is watching ;)

Dance like no one is watching 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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