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What Style Means To Me With Caroline Torti

Caroline Torti is a well known dancer, choreographer, artist in Canada who has such credits under her belt like So You Think You Can Dance Canada and she owns her own choreography business Collective Elite. I wanted Caroline to be part of the “What style means to me” series because her image is her brand. She is literally seen under the spotlight much more than most, so what she wears and how she expresses herself is viewed on a very large scale. How is she able to carve out her own signature style while under the spotlight? Caroline is a busy business woman and I really appreciate her taking the time to be part of this series and share her views on personal style and self expression.

I am a dancer, a choreographer and most importantly a creator. My personal style plays a big role in my life and in my career. The different characters I need to be on different days require the right look to get me in the zone. I have always been the type of person who enjoys exploring the multiple facets of my personality and fashion can be one of the most enjoyable ways to do that!

Because I am always in motion, comfort is key. I am really big on quality fabric that feels good to wear. In addition to comfort, regardless of formality, versatility also plays a major role in my closet. If I can wear a dress five different ways, from flip flops to stilettos, then it most definitely has a place in my wardrobe.





I like to keep up with trends but I don’t take them too seriously. I find that there are certain looks that make me feel amazing without fail. For example, all black, ripped jeans, leather jacket and heavy boot, is a look you will catch me in on any day in any season. Feeling amazing is more important than buying every new item that comes in and out of style.

Style to me is self expression. Feeling good about what you put on your body makes you unstoppable! Find your signature looks, add and subtract for variety and you will never find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear!”

Caroline Torti – Collective Elite

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