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What Style Means To Me With Karla From Makeupbyme25

The great thing about being in a new city is getting yourself out there and meeting people. I’m starting to go to more blogger events here in Houston and it’s been a rewarding experience. I met the lovely vlogger Karla from the youtube channel Makeupbyme25 at an event recently and we clicked right away. When I was creating the line up for the “What Style Means To Me” series, Karla came to mind because I loved her sense of style and the way she carried herself. She also has a great youtube channel that’s super informative when it comes to trying new cosmetics. Thank you so much Karla for being part of the series! XOXO

What does style mean to me? Well I definitely feel that style represents the way you choose to express your mood and just your personality in general. As a beauty youtuber and blogger the way I choose to express my mood is through my clothing as well as my makeup. I am a strong believer that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to look great. I love shopping at discounted stores like Ross, Marshalls and many more. I love that these stores are now incorporating the latest fashion trends at a fraction of the cost. My style has definitely evolved over time, I would say my style is very feminine and girly but I also love to take risks sometimes.



Since I am always chasing my little one around I try to dress comfortable but still really cute. When I go on dates with my husband I like to look mommy appropriate but still a bit sexy. As a mom, I’m not saying that you should always be picture perfect, I mean let’s be real, with kids, housework and everything in between our lives can get a bit crazy. However I still feel that it is important to take time for ourselves.

Karla – Makeupbyme25

#WSMTM Youtube Channel  Makeupbyme25 Twitter @makeupbyme25  Instagram @karlasmakeup25 Google+ makeupbyme25

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