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What Style Means To Me With Karla From Makeupbyme25

The great thing about being in a new city is getting yourself out there and meeting people. I’m starting to go to more blogger events here in Houston and it’s been a rewarding experience. I met the lovely vlogger Karla from the youtube channel Makeupbyme25 at an event recently and we clicked right away. When I was creating the line up for the “What Style Means To Me” series, Karla came to mind because I loved her sense of style and the way she carried herself. She also has a great youtube channel that’s super informative when it comes to trying new cosmetics. Thank you so much Karla for being part of the series! XOXO





Karla – Makeupbyme25

#WSMTM Youtube Channel  Makeupbyme25 Twitter @makeupbyme25  Instagram @karlasmakeup25 Google+ makeupbyme25

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