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What Style Means To Me With Keila Leist

I’m so excited to share with you an empowering and inspirational guest blogger series on Style By Patty called “What Style Means To Me”. Keep a look out for the hashtag #WSMTM.

When I came up with the idea to host a series on the blog called “What style means to me.” I initially thought, why not ask Latina bloggers to share their views on what style means to them as Latina women?. I’ve hosted a Latina blogger week in the past and love bringing together talented, smart women of my Latino community. However, in addition to having beautiful Latina bloggers in this series, I decided to expand the concept to include people I admire from all walks of life and ask them to share their perspective on style.

To start the series, I asked someone who I’ve never met but feel like I’ve known for a long time via Instagram. (Don’t we all feel like that over someone we admire from afar on Insta? lol) Coming off the heels of July 4th weekend, super mom extraordinaire and blogger Keila Leist from the blog Mommy in Milwaukee tells us what style means to her.

Over the years my style has changed drastically and I think that’s what’s so great about style. It can change and mold into whatever stage in life you’re in. When I was younger and in college, my style was all about what I thought looked good on me and how easily would I be able to dance in it. Now my style is all about how functional it is chasing after two boys under the age of two! Add to that, how can I easily breastfeed in what I’m wearing.

These are things that I never thought I would have to worry about as I became a mother. However, it plays a huge role in how I dress. I don’t think as mothers we have to sacrifice looking chic or pulled-together because we are nursing or busy. I’ve had to become creative with my clothes and usually opt for shirts that are easy to pull up and add a tight fitting tank underneath to provide coverage. Also, my collections of shirtdresses and button-down shirts have grown exponentially! It’s been an easy way to stay comfortable and polished at the same time.





I understand that this stage won’t last forever and that’s the main reason why I try to dress for my body in a comfortable and flattering way. It can be hard because a lot of clothes are not geared for mothers who breastfeed, but it’s been fun to find different options that work.

Style for me in a nutshell is an expression of my lifestyle at the moment and what works for me. And that’s what makes it fun! 🙂

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