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What Style Means To Me With Rockhelle Johnson

No better way to finish out the “What Style Means To Me” series than with the wonderful, strong, confident business woman and good friend of mine Rockhelle Johnson. Rockhelle and I met while I was living in Washington, D.C. and remain great friends till this day. She was even so kind to host a virtual baby shower for me last year when I was pregnant. Needless to say Rock is the bomb! I wanted to close out the series with her because she’s the perfect example of a woman who is finding her way in this world without loosing who she is. Rockhelle has her own sense of style that exudes strength, pride and confidence. Not to mention she is the owner and creator of an amazing candle collection called Love Lucy Candles that everyone needs to get. My fav is oakmoss & amber, it will change your life! Thank you so much Rockhelle for being part of the series and my awesome closer 😉 xo

What does style mean to me? As the owner of a small batch candle company in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, style to me is branding. I am the sole employee of my business and therefore I am the sole representative of my brand. When potential customers see me, they see my brand. What this means is, I must look the part.




Rockhelle Johnson – Love Lucy Candles

#WSMTM Twitter @lovelucycandles Instagram @lovelucycandles Facebook Love Lucy Candles

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