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What Style Means To Me With Teresita Edwards

The very first time I met this wonderful lady she asked me how was my weekend and I went into a huge explanation about my husband and I loving to photobomb people’s pictures at the National Mall on the weekends. As you can only imagine, a beautiful friendship blossomed from that moment, OBVI! I told my friend and virtual style client Teresita Edwards about the guest blogger series I was creating and she said “Oh this is fun, let me tell you what style means to me”. Not only has Teresita been a dear friend, she’s also my style muse, inspiring me to explore different things I would never dare try and make trends work for my style. Thank you Tea for being part of this!

At two years old, I was forced to dress like my older sister. At eight, I had to shop in the pleasantly plump section of department stores. By sixteen, I was wearing a 36G bra. I had to learn early, that this style thing would be an uphill battle.

At a time when plus-size was not trendy and big boobs were few and far between, I had discover who I was, through fashion. This sounds easy, but dressing a 5’2” ample bosomed teenager was a daunting task.

First, I tried baggy jeans and extra large t-shirts – it was the 90s and oversized clothes with ‘grunge’ were in style. FAIL. I switched to clothes more my size, with one exception, gray only. I thought being an angst-ridden teen meant I should only dress in the appropriate moody color (cue “Daria” intro here). Another style FAIL

So much time wasted on so many fashion opportunities. Finally, I made it to college. I was an adult and had no clue how to dress. It was up to me to stop comparing myself to others; rejecting criticism; and making sure I was comfortable in both my skin and clothes. I’ll admit, there were some epic failures along the way, but I was finally finding my own style.

Over the years, I made peace with who I am – a plus-sized, ample bosomed, short, dark skinned woman. Once I accepted this I became more confident and comfortable in my skin. I finally found my style. And now came the fun – the fashion fun.


Over time, I finally became me!

What style means to me is – confidence and comfort (every girl loves two ‘C’s, right?) After being ashamed of my size for so long and upset that I couldn’t be trendy, I made my own path. I decided to dress appropriate for me and to make myself comfortable. So whenever, new trends come out, or a new era is revamped (thank goodness for the 70s; wide leg pants and jumpsuits anyone!) I decide how trends work in my style.

I wish I could go back in time to talk to the little girl in the pleasantly plump section looking for a new sweat suit to fit her chubby thighs. I want her to know that you should only wear what makes you happy despite what others think or do. Be confident in your own skin and your own clothes.

One last thing that little girl should know. Never doubt the high waist two-piece black and white bathing suit. You’re vacation will thank you later.


Teresita Edwards

#WSMTM Instagram @tea159

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