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What Style Means To Me With Teresita Edwards

The very first time I met this wonderful lady she asked me how was my weekend and I went into a huge explanation about my husband and I loving to photobomb people’s pictures at the National Mall on the weekends. As you can only imagine, a beautiful friendship blossomed from that moment, OBVI! I told my friend and virtual style client Teresita Edwards about the guest blogger series I was creating and she said “Oh this is fun, let me tell you what style means to me”. Not only has Teresita been a dear friend, she’s also my style muse, inspiring me to explore different things I would never dare try and make trends work for my style. Thank you Tea for being part of this!

At two years old, I was forced to dress like my older sister. At eight, I had to shop in the pleasantly plump section of department stores. By sixteen, I was wearing a 36G bra. I had to learn early, that this style thing would be an uphill battle.


First, I tried baggy jeans and extra large t-shirts – it was the 90s and oversized clothes with ‘grunge’ were in style. FAIL. I switched to clothes more my size, with one exception, gray only. I thought being an angst-ridden teen meant I should only dress in the appropriate moody color (cue “Daria” intro here). Another style FAIL





What style means to me is – confidence and comfort (every girl loves two ‘C’s, right?) After being ashamed of my size for so long and upset that I couldn’t be trendy, I made my own path. I decided to dress appropriate for me and to make myself comfortable. So whenever, new trends come out, or a new era is revamped (thank goodness for the 70s; wide leg pants and jumpsuits anyone!) I decide how trends work in my style.


One last thing that little girl should know. Never doubt the high waist two-piece black and white bathing suit. You’re vacation will thank you later.


Teresita Edwards

#WSMTM Instagram @tea159

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