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What Style Means To Me With Wendy Perez

A stylish and fashion forward Houston blogger, Wendy Perez is someone I have yet to run into in Houston but have a feeling that will change very soon. I really love Wendy’s blog  Wendy Vanessa and how she expresses her personal philosophy on fashion and style. When I asked her to be part of “What style means to me” I suggested she take on the perspective of style as a Latina woman. Her answer, like all the bloggers in this series, blew me away!

This question hit a very special place in my heart because I’m taking a journey like this right now. I am considered a Hispanic millennial and a first generation Mexican-American. Growing up, I studied in an all-Hispanic school then moved to a majority Caucasian/Asian-American school and then my college reigned with diversity. All of my friends are from different backgrounds and beliefs. Overall- when identifying myself, I knew I was part of the “bridge” generation, or as some say, “ni de aqui, ni de alla.” (Nor here, nor there)

For some time, I was afraid of branching out to discover my identity; of course there was the high school stage of rebellion (let’s not talk about the all black with deep lipstick and the studded belt stage… ever!). Then there was a time when I wanted to be fabulous and my wardrobe consisted of vibrate neon colored pieces that will most likely stay behind the deep end of the closet till the end of times. The journey continued when I decided to add value to my pieces.

Who is the Latina Woman? The Latina woman is confident, strong, and independent. She overcame the impossible and knows the world is hers for the taking. She likes to have fun but will set goals and over exceed them. She is clothed by her personal style, which no one can take from her.

Who is the Hispanic millennial? The Hispanic millennial is branching into a new world that past generations have not yet seen. They want to be unique, with the approval of their loved ones. They are seeking new things and stepping out of their comfort zone. They are creating new journeys.


Who am I? I am proud to say I am both of those and it is reflected in my style. The heels that I wear show the poise that I attain. The lipstick on my lips shows my edge of spontaneity. What style means to me is having an individual style that is unpredictable, yet if you know me well enough, you can pick my outfit and I would love it. I am proud to be defined by these two characteristics and my blog shows my journey as a “Latina millennial.”

Wendy Perez – WendyVanessa

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